Citianna's Custom Furniture

Beauty in detail

Citianna's Custom Furniture was established on July 2, 2004 in Bakersfield, California by Susanna Baeza where the offices and factory stand today and will continue to, well into the future.

In addition, a small group of skilled craftsmen-furniture makers with over 25 years of experience joined the company creating timeless office and home furnishings to be treasured through future generations.

Throughout the years, our craftspeople have remained dedicated to the company and our clientele making sure they produce that one-of-a kind furniture for them. Our craftspeople are also determined to excellence in their work, making our customers devoted and our company successful. This is the most important job they have experienced especially with their talent. Their duties throughout the years have expanded to continue the tradition of distinctive old world Country-English, Country-French style, and have now enjoyed producing many contemporary pieces of fine furniture.

Citianna's continues committed to creating uniquely beautiful, quality furniture.